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How deep are you prepared to go?

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What is Floor Fifty-Four?

Monsters. Magic. Gods. They are all terrifyingly real.
For now at least, they are kept under lock and key at the Ministry of Secrets.

Floor Fifty-Four is where the strange and unexplained can be safely contained and studied. Hundreds of unique and bizarre items - some are simply curious anomalies, others could shatter the world.

Item 107 ("The Loved One") takes the form of whoever you love most, and begs for their release.

Item 080 ("Accord") is an antique gramophone that plays sounds of the ocean when afraid. Researchers believe it may have a soul.

Item 405 ("Shrodinger") is a cat made of static that can jump between realities.

Each item has a story. But so do the people sworn to guard and study them. Each agent, scientist and guard is perhaps just as unique and strange as the items they work with. And then of course, there are always the unfortunate souls who first stumble on the items, destined to be nothing more than a footnote in a Ministry document.

Secrets can be funny old things Wriggling Squirming Desperate to be free Most secrets are fragile always on the brink of shattering A single misplaced word even a too long pause causes spiderweb splinte 1

Books and short stories

You join us early in our journey. Books just emerging. A scattering of stories. The paint is barely dry on the walls.

But every month, a new item will be added to the floor. Every month, a new story to the growing vaults of this prison for things. There are already enough to fill a book...

Read the stories. Examine the reports. Meet the brave agents who seek out these supernatural atrocities.

And if you are feeling brave, join the Newsletter. You'll get a preview of 'MIDNIGHT CALLER' as well as exclusive stories. In fact, you won't miss a thing. There may even be extra goodies and perks, hidden away.

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About the Author

Ryan Hunt is an engineer from Derbyshire, England who hates talking about himself in third person, so left this bit until last. Although he's loved stories and writing all his life, he's only started doing it as a hobby and/or hot steamy passion for the last 4 years. He's finished one novel (currently shelved), had a few short stories published and won a canadian writing competition.

He loves food, batman and games of any kind. He is outstanding at badminton and now I'm just making things up. I even broke perspectives.

I have a dog.