Beneath The Floor

Behind the scenes, thoughts and ramblings of the author.

Hero dark forest

Grand Tours (and random tragic things)

July 2023

An empty chair (and the power of stories)

April 2023

The Batman (and other bat men)

March 2022

Rival Ideas (and irrational fears)

February 2022

Positively annoying (and how to ruin Christmas)

December 2021

Press Release - Tales from Floor Fifty-Four

October 2021

Unread Books (and a taste of legitimacy)

October 2021

The End (and The Beginning)

September 2021

Freedom (and climbing Self-Doubt Mountain)

July 2021

Birthdays (and the magic of tin foil)

April 2021

Getting Older (and manually removing hair)

March 2021

A Merry Ramble (and the Mystery of the Thousand Hondurans)

December 2020

NaNoWriMo (and putting money where my mouth is)

November 2020

Bad Habits (and a month without booze)

November 2020

Social Media (and how to get it completely wrong)

October 2020

Mailchump (and the Nation of Honduras)

September 2020

Fake Marriage (and pooping in a bucket)

August 2020

Imposter Syndrome (and Books that are Good)

July 2020

Dumb Decisions (and Slightly Better Ones)

June 2020

Small Steps. Giant Leaps.

May 2020

Adjusting to the Weirdest Timeline

April 2020

Well Trodden Paths and Leaky Shoes

March 2020

Very short stories and blogs that don't exist

February 2020

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