"...and if a mere sentence can hold magic, imagine the power of an entire book..."

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Tales From Floor Fifty-Four

There is a place where horrors get locked away...

FLOOR FIFTY-FOUR; a vast, sprawling maze of paranormal artefacts and creatures, too strange and dangerous to exist. A fax machine that prints the future. An overflowing bathtub. A collection of dead flies. Each curious terror has a story… In fact, you'll see most of them have two.

‘TALES OF FLOOR FIFTY-FOUR’ contains six spine-tingling horror stories from our world, and six creepy stories from the hidden prison beneath our feet. But you will not be alone on this journey. A very special ‘Item of Interest’ has been waiting… just for you.

Ryan Hunt

Midnight Caller

People are disappearing on the Yorkshire Moors. Agents Radford and Stone are tasked with investigating the lead suspect; a 320 year old vampire who has breached the terms of his release into our world. But when it becomes clear he is not the culprit, will Radford and Stone be able to find the true killer? Or will the vampire take the fall?

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