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Midnight Caller

People are disappearing on the Yorkshire Moors. Agents Radford and Stone are tasked with investigating the lead suspect; a 320 year old vampire who has breached the terms of his release into our world. But when it becomes clear he is not the culprit, will Radford and Stone be able to find the true killer? Or will the vampire take the fall?

New Project 13

The Collection - Year One

A bathtub overflowing with dirty water.
A mirror that makes people fall in love with their own reflection.
A collection of dead flies.

There are a thousand strange items hidden away on Floor Fifty-Four. Curiosities that needed to be removed from our world, to ensure the public's safety (and sanity). Collected within this volume are twelve such items, both the terrifying stories of those unlucky enough to find them, and the subsequent containment report following their relocation to Floor Fifty-Four.

But twelve is such a boring number. A thirteenth item requested to be introduced to you personally.

New Project 5 2
Floor Fifty-Four, 2021