Press Release - Tales from Floor Fifty-Four

Press Release - Tales
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There are hundreds of horrors on Floor Fifty-Four. Curiosities too strange and dangerous to exist in our world.

Before they were locked away though, these monsters, miscreants and malfunctions roamed free on the surface. Waiting for some poor soul to devour.

TALES FROM FLOOR FIFTY-FOUR explores six such ‘Items of Interest’, first the stories of those who stumbled upon them, then a glimpse at their new life, in this terrifying prison-for-things.

But that is not all. A seventh ‘Item of Interest’ will join you on your journey. In fact, they can’t wait to meet you.

Available in Ebook with Paperback to follow, you can pre-order your copy here, now.

The first book in a growing franchise, TALES FROM FLOOR FIFTY-FOUR explores what happens once the short horror story is over. The star of each tale is locked away in a vast, government vault where these creatures and artefacts can be studied and suppressed. As well as short horror stories, the larger world will form the backdrop for an upcoming Paranormal Detectives Series, following two Agents of Floor Fifty-Four as they track down high profile cases such as the ‘Midnight Caller’.

Ryan Hunt is an Engineer from Derbyshire, England who has been writing and plotting for the last five years. After launching last year, he has written monthly stories, containment reports, and two books. The first of these, ‘Tales from Floor Fifty-Four’ releases October 31st 2021. He is available for podcast bookings, guest articles and interviews. Enquiries can be made at

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