Small Steps. Giant Leaps.

Beneath the Floor - May 2020
Hero dark forest

You know what? I’m really glad I started these blog posts. They’ve become something of a focal point for me in a very weird time. When I first started, it felt a bit silly. Like screaming into the wind. But now that I have a few entries under my belt, and something of a routine, I’m finding myself looking forward to writing them. It’s like returning to port after a while at sea. I resupply, drop of my cargo, maybe pick up a couple of passengers. OK, so that sailor analogy shows I’ve definitely been playing too much Sunless Sea.

But that’s not all I’ve been doing. Big news you might already have noticed is V1.0 of the website is live! For now, it’s just a landing page, but it’s amazing how starting something gets the ball rolling and the imagination flowing on the next phase. My absolute star of a not-quite-yet-brother-in-law-yet (catchy) has been crafting it with me, and we’ve already started work on V2.0, which I’m honestly stoked about.

Small news that you probably won’t know yet is I’ve got a short story ready to upload soon. It’s called Apollo 17, and is the first tale from Floor Fifty-Four I’ll be putting on here, and the website. I’ve done it in a NoSleep fashion, but I’ll just be keeping it in my back pocket until the V2.0 site is live. Hopefully I’ll have one or two more by that time. Maybe I’ll send an early copy around on the newsletter though.

Here’s an exclusive for you - a sneak peak of what V2.0 should look like visually. It doesn’t function; it’s essentially a wireframe base for us to work from. But I’m really happy with how it looks. It’s the backend stuff that is going to take time to craft. Rather than me harassing my friend Olly each time I want to add a new blog post or short story, we’ll hopefully have an idiot-proof method that even I can use without setting the internet on fire or shattering the moon.

Personal news? It’s my birthday on Monday! Toot toot. 32 years on this Earth. In anticipation of this momentus event, me and my wife got blind drunk playing drinking games last night (A card game of my own creation called Mother Fuckin’ Wizards) and I’m now suffering the first of what is likely to be many hangovers over the birthday weekend/week/month because time is just a concept, man.

I’ll keep this month’s post short and sweet. Quite a lot of small steps were taken in April. Lockdown has been a difficult and strange time for a lot of people, but it’s amazing how a few glimmers of hope and positive vibes can really help push you through. Last week, I was struggling. This week, I’m heading into my thirty-second year with cautious hope.

Small steps. Giant Leaps. They both move you forwards.

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